Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fall Book Covers

One of the reasons I love working with RDCBs is because the covers have the most beautiful colors and patterns. There are some for every season. And the ones for autumn are spectacular! 

There are some beautiful rich brown and orange herringbone (and bright blue and green if you're not over spring yet).

If you're not into herringbone, how about stripes?

Then are the ones in lush ochres and deep greens. The green one is made more special by metallic gold highlights.

These are two of my favorites! Both remind me of home and wheat.

More metallic gold on the one on the left! It's a real show-off on a shelf.

I made this Harvest from a book like the one on the right.

And the books are so very versitile, too. I made this vase of wheat from the same kind of book.

Now's the time to order your books for your fall decorations and gifts. Just click this link and tell me which cover you'd like me to use. If you can decide...

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