Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gobble 'Em Up! It's the First Black Friday Sale at Reading With Scissors!

Reading With Scissors is holding its first ever Black Friday sale. Starting at midnight CST on Friday morning, enter BLACKFRIDAY13 in the coupon code at checkout to receive 20% off any book in stock. (Sorry no custom orders. I'm booked! Get it... booked? haha) The coupon lasts until Cyber Monday is over at midnight.

Stay out of the malls and shop online! It's while supply lasts.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riding With Scissors

Remember this RDCB beauty I picked up earlier this year? 

Well, one of my very good friends claimed it. It's going in a little boy's room. How cute will that be??

I won't show you the finished product until later, but I think it turned out darling!
The best part, though, was I got to meet my friend for lunch today. We live on opposite sides of town so we only get to see each other once a year or so.

And guess what! Today she showed up in a Tesla!

Oh my goodness! If you ever get a chance to ride in one of these, you need to. All electric and 300 horsepower. My friend punched it once and we took off like a rocket--and it didn't make any noise. So freaking amazing!

Here I am pretending I'm the coolest kid in school.

Check out how good Reading With Scissors looks on the giant computer screen/front panel! So good I may double my prices just because. 

(That's a joke.)

Look Barb and Sharon! You're in a Tesla!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers and October Showers Bring Cheeseball Bats

Don't you hate bloggers who make excuses for being so tardy between posts?

Don't be a hater. All of my excuses are excellent.

It's not that I haven't been folding. In fact the opposite is true. In the last few weeks it has been non-stop. Twenty-six orders and I'm only about half way through the list! I've had to put some people on a wait list just in case I find time to do a few more before the holidays.

And I'd love to show you some pictures, but most of them are Christmas presents and I don't want to spoil any surprises. (Wait until January--pictures galore!)

But before October is over, I want to show you a Halloween project.

Wait, what? It's mid-November already? DANG! I should be folding.
But here's a quick look at my Halloween project instead.

You all remember, Barb, right? That's her on the right. And that's her best friend, Sharon on the left. When I moved into my neighborhood 18 years ago, Sharon and Barb were the first two people I met.

The adorable baby is Barb's granddaughter, but Sharon is holding her because she's practicing to be a grandmother, too. And she doesn't have long to practice because her daughter, Kelli, is due in only a couple of months.

And new babies call for showers, so Barb,her daughter Mandi, and I threw one for Kelli.

Let me give you a piece of advice. If you ever have a party thrown for you, make sure Barb is in charge. Remember how I told you that Barb is the reason God invented Pinterest? Well, here is more proof. Check out this spread--and don't miss the homemade diaper cake in the middle.


Those little glass ramekins near the cake pops were full of cinnamon apples with this struesel to die for. Holy cow they were good!

And on the other end of the table was this big bowl of candied popcorn that Mandi made. When I die, someone be sure to tell Mandi to fill my casket full of this before they lower me in the ground and I promise never to leave and haunt anyone.

Here were my contributions. First up goblin guts, Fritos, and monster eyeballs. Also known as Texas caviar and meatballs.


And cheeseball bats. (Barb is not the only one with a Pinterest account.)

Here is the crowd enjoying all the goodies.

And speaking of goodies, here's the pretty mom-to-be opening her presents.

As I've mentioned before, despite appearances to the contrary, this is not a cooking blog. So here was the contribution from Reading With Scissors--sparkly pillow box owl party favors...

with dictionary page eyes...

 ...and candy corn and white chocolate M&M filler (not pictured because they went from my hand to my face too fast).

I wish I could say that I am crafty enough to have designed these myself. I am not. But I am smart enough to buy the pattern for my Silhouette machine and let it do all the work--which leaves me more time for consuming the filler. And folding.

Yikes! What time is it? A week until Thanksgiving?? Got to get back to folding.