Sunday, December 2, 2012

Because This Is NOT a Cooking Blog

This is not a cooking blog--on purpose. Not that I don't like cooking. I do like cooking, but my techniques are somewhat suspect.

When I was in sixth grade I gave a cooking demonstration at a 4H contest. My recipe was Cake Mix Cookies, and I got a good score, with the main critique being that should refrain from licking my fingers and the spoon as I cooked. Who knew? Licking my fingers and especially the spoon was something my mother taught me early. It was the only reason to cook, I thought, and my opinion has not changed in oh these many years.

Today I went to a cookie exchange. If this were a cooking blog, I would show pictures of the White Chocolate-Dipped Oatmeal-Cranberry Cookies in varying stage of development. Like these
or maybe these 

Or maybe I'd try to impress you with how much my cookies look like the picture in Christmas with Southern Living 2006, which, despite what many cooks will tell you, is way more important than how something tastes. Especially if you going to a cookie exchange with 20 other women all bringing their prettiest Christmas cookies.

But I am a paper crafter, so I will show you this. The paper bags I brought my cookies in.

I was inspired by this pin, but made mine out of yellowed RDCB's pages and a tiny star of sparkly scrapbook paper.

I did not lick anything in that picture. Not the yellowed pages, the sparkly stars, nor the paper bags. I am taking the fifth on all the other pictures and also on the beaters which are not pictured.

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  1. I am super disappointed that I did not get one of those super cool packages with the adorable trees! Any idea where I might get one of your trees to hang on my tree????? PS, Mandi would like one too! ;)