Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fa La La La Fail

Following on the success of Ho Ho Ho, I tried to make a Fa La La.


It just doesn't look right. I've been trying to figure out why. It started out OK with a nice fat F,

 but by the time I made it to the end, all I had was this squished little a, ...

which looked really puny compared to.this big ole honkin' a.

 ...and this other big ole honkin' a.

I don't know why the a's were so big and honkin' and all around ginormous. Maybe it was because the pages in this book seemed thicker than most pages. Maybe because a's take a lot of pages to begin with and when you slap 'em on top of an L that just exacerbates the problem. 

I tried to fix them.I squeezed and smashed and even got out my bone folder. What, you don't own a bone folder? Don't judge me.

But after all that I still had big ole honkin' a's. I said to myself, "Self, life is just too short to spend worrying about big ole honkin' a's. You can always turn the whole thing into a vase, you know." 

So I took a deep breath, 

grabbed a different book, 

and made myself a Ho Ho Ho with glittery candy cane paper. 

 Take that big ole honkin' a's.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder why the lone o on the Ho Ho Ho didn't look too small by itself? Do you think you should add pages to the lone a? Hmph. Dunno. :)