Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween is Over. It Must Be Christmas.

With all the wedding festivities, I haven't had much time to fold many books, but I did get these on Etsy this week.

Here's my last Thanksgiving entry for this season. 

For lo these many years my family has met in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for Thanksgiving. But met is really not the right word. We gather. Some, like yours truly, drive north from deep in the heart of Texas. Others drive south from the mother country of Oklahoma. Some, like my cousin who offers her home to all of us, already live in the DFW area. 

I like that word--gather. It evokes the sound of hymns and prayers and laughter and family, all in six little letters.

Some of you may recognize the glittery end papers on this book. They were a runner-up in the Blessings contest, running a close race to the eventual winner, Thanksgiving paisley.

And here is my first Christmas book. I like its old-fashioned font.

My mom taught me at a very early age to love stories--especially hers. Twas... is the beginning to every story. The possibilities are limitless. Twas the night before Christmas, obviously, especially with these endpapers featuring a vintage Santa, but it could just as easily be Twas a dark and stormy night..., or Twas brillig and the slithy toves..., or Twas in the moon of wintertime... 

Twas..., you hear that word and realize that you're taking the first step on a long adventure, you take a deep breath, and you lose yourself in a story or a million stories.

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