Thursday, October 18, 2012

The only thing that separates us from the animals

Captain America and I have similar tastes in clothing. When he is not in uniform, Captain America can be found in house pants, sometimes accompanied by a shirt. Sometimes not. Me too.

Well, I do favor wearing a shirt more than he, but regardless, we tend toward the casual.

I am also not a big wearer of make-up. I don't wear it daily, but I do make it a point to wear it if it is Sunday and if I find my make-up bag in the car on the 10-minute drive to church and if I get stopped by the train on the way.

But Mama didn't raise a complete slob. I do try to always wear lipstick and earrings, because as she taught me, it's not just how you look, it's how you accessorize!

The same thing is true in the world of book folding. Accessories matter.

Take this book, for example. I'm on a Thanksgiving kick, so I decided to fold the word Blessings in this chocolate covered RDCB. I was pretty happy with the way the word turned out. Trying to fit nine letters in 250 pages isn't as easy as it looks, but this font really works well, I think. The original end papers, not so much.

The vintage yellowed pages are just too close in color to the washed out orange of the end papers. This book needs the equivalent of a new pair of earrings. So I convinced Captain America to drop me off at Michaels the other day and (happy sigh) went and bought some autumn themed scrapbook paper.
But as usual I bought too much, so now I need your opinion. Help me accessorize this book. Which paper do you like the best?

No 1: Autumn leaves photo

No 2: Thanksgiving Paisley

No 3: Dark Leaves

No 4: Sparkly leaves (the dark orange ones are glittery)

No 5: Light leaves
No 6: Pumpkin polka dots
 Whaddya think?


  1. I like the dark leaves. I think it makes the yellowed paper stand out more and it's more Thanksgiving-y than the tiny pumpkins.

  2. I told my mother about what you do with books and she's going to try it. :-)

    And lipstick? Honey, please. One does not step outside without, as we say around here, a little lip. Because a little color changes everything.


  3. Pearl, tell your mother to be careful because folding books is addictive and there is the possibility she will cancel the rest of her life so she can have time to fold just one more letter and then another and another. :)

  4. I think the paisley is elegant and the dark leaves are good contrast. You are doing such beautiful stuff!!!