Sunday, November 25, 2012

All I Am Saying Is Give Peace a Chance

Here is another in the Christmas series. This time I decided to fold Peace and I decided to make it purple, because purple used to be my favorite color until I was told I owned too much purple stuff and had to pick a new color so now orange is my favorite color (but it's really still purple, just don't tell my decorator or Captain America).

I figured it would turn out well because Peace is shaped a lot like Read. (I think there is a sermon in there somewhere, but I will refrain.) 

I used the same font on purpose.

Once the word was folded, I had to decide what to do with the end papers. The cover of the book is purple (shhhhh!) and the original purple-swirled endpapers were actually pretty nice, but for Christmas I figured they needed a little extra pop.

So I made my 61st trip to Hobby Lobby for the weekend, this time looking for purple Christmas-themed scrapbook paper. You would think that would be pretty easy to find, being almost Advent and everything, but not so much.

I headed to the scrapbook paper section of Jo-Ann's next. I found the Christmas scrapbook paper--behind a lady, her daughter, and her mother in a scooter. They were having a very intense discussion on sewing machines and irons. It lasted way too long, and to add insult to injury, when they finally cleared out of the way, there was no purple scrapbook paper in Jo-Ann's Christmas section, either.

I made one last trip through the single-sheet aisle and at the very bottom of the purple section, I found what I wanted--purple with glittery silver stars and it was on sale. Sold!

I took it home, sprayed glue all over the back, and covered the endpapers. Done! Well, not so much.

Apparently the reason it was on sale was because it wasn't your normal scrapbook paper. It almost had the feeling of handmade paper and the spray-on glue? It stained it. Grrr...

Luckily I had bought two pieces of paper, so I popped off the old and added the new--this time with a glue roller instead of spray. And here we have the final product.

 I think it's beautiful. Especially because it's purple.

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