Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Reading With Scissors Style

This is Babette.

If Barb is my spiritual advisor on all things decorative, then Babette is my advisor on all things to do with running a small business. And she should know, she runs three, including Print Me Prim who was responsible for all the invitations, programs, and seating chart and other sundries when my baby got married, and Kraft Outlet, where you can get some of the coolest crafting supplies ever.

Babette is a fellow Oklahoman, has the best stories, and always keeps me in stitches. She also is a great bird dog for RDCBs, which is how I ended up at Marilyn's estate yesterday carting out a couple of boxes of the coveted books.

I'm loving these pink and blue lovelies...

...and especially these blue beauties...
and these neutrals with a bright red accents.

And then something new. Reader's Digest Condensed Books of Murder and Suspense, with this cool spider web motif...

...and this black volume with an embossed Sherlock Holmes on the cover.

And here's a mystery for you. RDCBs normally always have 576 pages--no matter what the year or story, but these Mystery and Suspense books both have more than 600. What gives? Ah who cares? It's room for another letter or two!

So after I left Marilyn's, I went over to Barb's for a wedding shower.

And look at Barb! She's folding flowers, too! She decorated her luncheon tables with these cute purple and orange flower and matching RDCBs from the Reading With Scissors collection.

She got rave reviews from everyone!

And here is the beaver that always stands in Barb's foyer wearing her wedding veil and giant diamond ring. 

Just because.

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