Thursday, August 15, 2013

Except After C and Umlatts

Do you remember that old rule from grade school spelling tests?

"I before E, except after C, except when as ay as in neighbor and weigh."

Well, guess what. It holds true in German, too. And just for the record you should know that before you start folding a book.

Remember that cute couple that got married in the Gloss Mountains. Their last name is Kliewer. So I decided to make them a Mr & Mrs book and I got this far...

and thought to myself, "Self, that doesn't look right." And sure enough. Doh!

So I started over with a new book (which I don't have a picture of, but it turned out pretty cute!). 

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with a Kle book. Ideas?

By the way, I blame Brian Stecklein for teaching me the wrong rule about German names way back when. 


  1. No,no, you must of not paid attention to the teacher. In German with an ie or ei the second vowel makes the sound. Kinda like Stecklein

  2. kleptomania, Kleenex, Klein (small in German)

    1. Kleptomania - not enough pages left, but maybe just klepto - as in "Steal This Book."

  3. Go with Klein (as in TX - next door to us). Should be an easy sell to someone.

  4. I think Klein too. I just think you ought to look up someone in your town and surprise them with a book. :)