Thursday, August 8, 2013


I went back to Oklahoma the other day to see my BFF from high school, Laura. Here we are about 10 years ago when we were leaving high school. (Ok, maybe 15 years ago.)

And here we are the other day. 

We're all dressed up because Laura was becoming a mother-in-law. Check out her gorgeous daughter, Lauren!

And check out the beautiful scenery behind her. We were in Cheyenne Valley and those are the Gloss Mountains. (OK, you Colorado friends, quick snickering at the word mountains.) They provided the most remarkable backdrop for a lovely, lovely wedding.

My hometown sits just beyond these mountains, and like most things that you see as a kid all the time, you really don't notice them after awhile. But at the wedding I couldn't help reveling in them. After so many years, the red dirt, green grasses, and white gyp capstone layers just took my breath away.

So when I went home, I decided to make an Oklahoma.

The technique is called iris folding and it's something that caught my eye on Pinterest. 

It done by layering different kinds of paper in a spiral pattern. There are all different kinds of patterns you can use. This is one I made myself based on a quadrilateral.

I used pages from an Oklahoma atlas (look, there's Wakita, where our farms are)...

...and dictionary pages (of course).

Then I added a sparkly star on top of Fairview.

Actually, the sparkly star is probably closer to Seiling or maybe even Taloga. 
But still. 
Close enough for a first try.

do think I'm going to try more iris folding. It really is fun and all the possible combinations of paper and patterns makes me giddy. Seriously, do a search on Pinterest and see all the cute stuff.

And speaking of cute, is this the cutest new family or what??

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