Friday, January 11, 2013

L is For the Way You Look at Me

I am still learning how to be a crafty person and so I seem always to be woefully behind for each holiday. Most other crafty people have been showing off their Valentine's stuff since the day after Christmas, but I just finished my first Valentine book last night.

I think this book is kinda cool for several reasons:

1. It's got a really, really shiny red cover, almost satiny.

2. It's a funny little book that, pre-alteration, acts as a kind of Magic 8-Ball for the lovelorn. Ask the book a question, open it to a random page and get your answer. There are only a few words per page, so folded, the book doesn't have all those jiggly lines of text that folded RDCBs do. Everything is very, very white!

3. It's got a cute little heart where the O ought to go because I could.

4.  Like all the folded books, it almost looks like it is moving as you walk by. It's hard to show this in still pictures. In fact in still pictures it always looks like there is a very dark space in the book, but that's just the part of the book directly in front of you. As you walk, that dark space moves.

See what I mean?

I LYve that.


  1. I had a book of answers and it made the BEST folded book! I love the clean white look - so different from the text folded ones we do.

    Your work is just beautiful. ♥

  2. I *love* it! Especially the heart-y O. :)

  3. I love the video! Art is so much more interesting in the real 3D world. The video gives us a better appreciation of your work. Happy Valentines Day!