Monday, May 27, 2013

Dream Big!

Quick! Name three big things. Here's my list...
  1. Daniel Boone (all those of a certain age are now humming a theme song)
  2. #1 Son's mastiff, Boss

  3. Moby Dick--both the whale and the book. How do I know this? Well, recently one of my Etsy clients asked me to create a book for her and she wanted it folded from a classic, so I headed to Half-Priced Books to see what I could find. They had GIANT copies of Moby Dick right at the checkout, so I grabbed one and lugged it to my car. 
Here's the final product.

It even looks cool with its dust jacket still on.

So how big was this puppy? (Or is that guppy?)

Here is the same word folded in an RDCB. Holy cow! Holding that many pages up while folding really gave my hands a workout.

But bonus! Look what I found on the clearance table while I was at Half-Priced Books. More fun stuff to make!

1 comment:

  1. Your Moby looks wonderful and what a sweet deal on the quilling book. Have fun with it!