Friday, May 10, 2013

Beach Baby

Opposites attract, right? Right. Certainly with Captain America and me, at least.

I grew up in the flatlands of the midwest and he grew up on the beach. While I know for a fact that one should not jump into a body water unless one can see the bottom, he dives off boats and into waves without a second thought.

While I picked landlocked Norman, Oklahoma, for my college years, he made sure to find a campus a couple of blocks from the ocean in sunny Melbourne, Florida. And from what I've surmised, his professors probably had a better chance of finding him with his toes over a board on the crest of a wave than in the classroom.

So in honor of my favorite guy and anyone else out there with a love of the water, I present to you...

This little jewel comes with a turquoise blue cover to remind you of the color of the Florida ocean...

...and this very groovy, sparkly surfboard on the inside.
You need to see this one in real life because the sand beach that runs all the way across the bottom actually feels gritty. But if you're more the lay-by-the-beach-with-an-umbrella-drink sorta person (now we're talking!), then maybe this Beach Bum is more your style.

You're the kind of person that likes beautiful women in hula skirts throwing circles of hibiscus around your neck.
No worries, man. No matter what kind of  bum you are, I've got you covered.

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