Friday, September 7, 2012

Good Things, and By Good I Mean Free!!

Two quick pieces of news:

  1. Drumroll......I finally got my domain name functioning, so now you can bookmark my blog at Whoo-hoo! No more dashes; no more, although both of those should still work if you need them to.
  2. Amazon announced WhisperSync for Voice today. Buy a Kindle book, add the Audible audiobook version to your purchase, and WhisperSync for Voice will synchronize your reading.

    This is going to be great at our house. Captain America is always snoring in my ear late at night, so now I can start reading my Kindle and then when I get in the car to go to lunch the next day, I can plug in my iPhone and listen to the same book in the car AND Whispersync starts the audiobook right where I left off in the Kindle! Wowser!

    But better news than that is that right now, Amazon/Audible is offering 20 free titles to try it out. These are all classic books, and if you've had a Kindle for awhile, you've probably seen free classics before. But the really good part is that right now the Audible part is free, too. This isn't a public domain recording they're offering, but the real live professionally recorded versions with narrators like Davinia Porter and John Lee.

    I've already downloaded about 15 of the titles. (Did I mention I'm a hoarder?) Interested? Start here:

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