Sunday, September 23, 2012

Give Me an O! Give Me a C! Give Me a D! Give Me an Umlaut!

I got a message on my phone from the Library Lady the other day. She said they had more RDCBs for me if I wanted them.
I resisted as long as I could--which ended up being two days--which ended up being one day longer than usual when I get that call. So progress.
But then I got out to the parking lot and faced the truth. And you have all seen what the truth looks like.

And that's what the truth looked like before I put the new books in there. I got out my shoehorn and somehow made everything fit. Thank goodness for backseats.
When I got home I went upstairs to scout a place for the new books.. And once again I faced the truth. And you have all seen what the truth looks like:
My OCD was starting to kick in. I needed more room and I needed some organization and I needed it before Captain America got home. An hour later I had lugged many boxes of books upstairs and I had this. (Happy sigh)
The top shelf  holds all the books with fancy covers, like this one...
...or this one, which I think is my favorite because it matches my living room.
The bottom shelf is filled with plain colored books like this purple one.
I have more purple plain covers than any other color. (Happy sigh.)
I grouped all the books on both shelves by color. On the left are the red ones like this...
...and then comes the orange ones
...on to the blue ones...
...all the way to green ones on the other end.
The best part of leaving boxes of books in your car for several months is finding books you forgot about, like these German RDCBs, or Reader's Digest Auswahlbϋcher. Now there's a word that needs condensed!
Their covers are fancier than the plain covers, but more subtle than the American fancy covers.
And the end papers...well subtle doesn't quite describe them.
 But add a little scrapbook paper (happy sigh) and my favorite German word--well, ok, the only German word I know besides Auswahlbϋcher and you get...

a present for my favorite parents, who both had birthdays this week. In honor of passing on the OCD gene to me, this one's for you, Mama and Daddy!


  1. Love that German Dahlem!! And the book too.:-)

  2. Ooooo, I love the color sorting! Keep up the good work on the "supply acquistion". You make me proud!