Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cover Art

I have an addiction to RDCBs, but I've told you that already. I even told you about how I ran out of room in the attic and started keeping RDCBs out in the garage. But the other day my OCD kicked in and I started stacking all the books with the same designs together.


Look how pretty they are standing like colorful tin soldiers all at attention!

Anyway, it occured to me that if you've never paid attention to RDCBs, you probably don't realize all the fabulous covers they have.


For instance, there's this beauty...


Or what about this one?

 There are so many cool covers, that I decided to make a Pinterest board called Fabulous Book Covers just so you could see. 

Well, really I made it because of the OCD thing I was talking about above, but seriously, check it out! I was surprised to find that I already have 24 different designs pictured. But I know there are more designs than that.

Like in all those boxes on the couch waiting to be emptied...

Oh, and that box over there.

I'll get to them sooner or later and keep updating my board, but in the meantime, if you see a cover you like and you want a word folded fabulously into it, let me know at my Etsy shop.

My shelves will thank you.
And so will my couch.
And that box over there on the blue and purple rug.

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  1. And sometimes the same cover will have different endpapers... Oi!