Monday, June 3, 2013

Cave Drawings

Sometimes they deceive you. They want you to think they are best friends. Nap-taking buddies.

But the rug in my TV room tells a different story...or maybe that's smells a different story. Rudy and Oreo have each claimed the room as their territory--several times each, if you know what I mean. So it's out with that old rug and... with new hardwood floors. Wahoo! But that meant removing that built-in entertainment center on the far wall.

What to do with all those shelves? Well, put 'em in the garage, or course. 

See them there on the right? And while we were at it, we moved the couch out there, too. Can you say man cave?

But wait! Look how much storage I have now for extra RDCBs!

All lined up with a different color on each shelf.  Sigh... Can you say woman cave?

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