Sunday, October 6, 2013

Waiting With Scissors

This post is especially for the Russian spammers who up my page count regularly because they are probably the only ones I haven't told that my son, Brian Pounds, is going to be on THE VOICE this season. Tune in!

I got to travel with him to the audition this summer and I've had to keep it secret since then. I am still not allowed to say much, except watch! And I can say that TV life is just like they say it is--a lot of hurry up and wait. 

So what's a book folder to do in such a circumstance? Well in case you ever find yourself in that position, here is my advice in the form of my hotel room. 

First, be sure to bring all the right tools. Zoom in there and see what I mean. I suggest an Exacto knife, a circle cutter, and some scissors at the least. And don't ever leave home without glue. Trust me.

Bring some RDCBs to fold. There are two up there by the TV that I folded while I was there...

...both of which are still available on Etsy.

Bring some plastic ware to hold all the flowers you will make. You may have to eat some extra ham sandwiches before you leave home to make this happen. If you use the plastic for both ham and flowers, wash in between.

The lid of the plastic ware  can also serve nicely for a glue safe work area, by the way.

And of course, no one should think about folding anything--books, flowers, laundry, poker hands--without chips and salsa.

And wine. 

Even box wine will work.

And if you can swing it, bring your goofy kid who knows how to sing. That can make any long day fun.


  1. My name is Svetlana and I am Russian shot putter. I will be watching Brian Pounds on american TV. Maybe he needs a mail order bride? Haha. Best of luck, wish we could be with you tonight, but I will be watching from MD Anderson!

  2. Oh my gosh! I'd missed this post until now and if I'd seen it earlier I would have been watching The Voice religiously! Off to read your lengthier post about what transpired next, but not before I say I noticed the wine boxes immediately. :D