Monday, September 16, 2013

Where the Waving Wheat...

Exactly 120 years ago today, they all showed up. Where the night before there had been nobody, on this day they were everywhere. They came from every corner ...

from Germany...

...and Illinois

...and Indiana, just to name a few. They came to a land of few trees and big skies and put down roots.

They lived and they loved...

...and they raised big families

And for generation...

...after generation...

...after generation... thing seemed to define them. 


Wheat fields surrounded everything.

Their homes.
Their towns.

Roads from farm to market ran through corridors of wheat.

Combines and wheat trucks shared space with cars and pickups in the driveway.

And so because September 16 always seems to make me a little wistful and nostalgic, here is my latest. 


  1. Some of my family was in the rush and others had their land taken away. Beautiful wheat arrangement and what a great burlap bow!

  2. Yes, Oklahoma is a tangled weave, isn't it, Babette? I think the bow just makes the whole thing. I've been trying to put together a tutorial on how to build this, but just haven't been able to make it happen. will definitely get a shout out!