Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Have Several Excellent Excuses

I've been trying to write. Honestly, I have, but I just don't seem to have the time lately.

I blame Captain America. 

First, it was Valentine's and he bought me flowers so I kept my nose buried in roses all day.

Then he invited me to meet him for a 24-hour layover in the Big Apple. Fun and cold!

Then it was my birthday and he bought me this really cool microphone for my motorcycle helmet. So we had to go riding, right?

And then he took me for a Sunday swing around the neighborhood--at 3,000 feet.

And if it wasn't Captain America, it was Rudy and Richard Parker. In those immortal lines from the Stylistics, first they break up...

...then they make up...

...That's all they do. It's exhausting.

And if live animals weren't enough, I was also dealing with not-so live ones. As I've mentioned before, life at my house would not be normal without an uninvited--dead--critter showing up on a regular basis. This one was on my front porch the other day.

I'm guessing bunny.

But in my spare time I have been making stuff, too. I'm frantically trying to get ready for my first craft show on March 20. I'm folding, folding, folding so I have enough stuff to fill my table.

And then last week I had three (count 'em, 3!!) custom orders from Etsy. One of them was for a drama teacher, so of course I had to go to the bookstore and find some Shakespeare.

Me in a bookstore. That took some time.

And then there was last week. You've all met my crafty friend, Debbie. Well, her brand-new granddaughter was christened this weekend. Debbie made her this beautiful gown and bonnet.

Check out that exquisite lace and beading on the bonnet!

Debbie had lots of company coming in from all over to see the baby, and of course her house was decorated to the nines.

Remember that wreath I made her for Christmas?

Well, the furry animals and glittery balls didn't really go with the christening decor. Debbie needed something a little more white, so...

I made her a new center.

I put silver crosses on little-bitty shoes, surrounded them with flowers and pearls, and added a sparkly M for the baby's name. Then I topped it off with a Bible verse, 3 John 1:4.

I think it looked very pretty on Debbie's wall. 

Something like this might look really cute on a new mom's hospital room door (maybe with a little added pink or blue), and then make an easy transition to a nursery. I'm not sure how to ship it, so probably couldn't sell it on Etsy, but if any of you near me know someone who would like one, give me a shout. Let's talk.

Quick, before Captain America steals me away again...

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