Friday, February 1, 2013

What Is The Question?

You know I love my RDCBs, the rainbow of colors, the patchwork quilt of covers.

They are a little bit amazing when you think about it. Always four stories in each volume, each 144 pages. It takes a special kind of talent to condense a book in exactly 144 pages. Every time. Think about that guy's job!

But sometimes you need to step your game up a bit. You can't settle for the condensed version. You need the real thing in all its unabridged glory. I'm talking about literature, people.


I was reminded of this the other day when I ran across this copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare at the Goodwill Store. I got it for a good price because apparently Shakespeare had a ghost writer named G.B. Harrison and this is one of the few copies where his name was accidentally printed on the spine.

I took it home and set it on my table. What should I make of this book? I asked myself. That is the question. 

No it's not.

That is the question (in 3 fonts).

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