Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Corinthians 13 Triptych

Normally I don't like to pay much for books that I'm going to "reimagine." My go-to source for cheap books is the Dollar Store. I also have my name in at the local "Friends of the Library" book store. About twice a month a get a call from them telling me that someone has donated a bunch of old Reader's Digest Condensed Books (RDCB), which they sell to me for a buck each. I usually sneak off during lunch to retrieve them and hide them in the trunk of my car so Captain America stays blissfully unaware that I've added more to my menagerie. (Did I mention I'm a hoarder?)

Anyway, $2 per book is my max and that's only if it's got a really special cover, but recently I broke my own rule. I was perusing the shelves at Marshalls/Home Goods and ran across this book.

So granted it was $5, but that fancy-dancy cover was the first thing to catch my eye. I thought it would look really pretty sitting on a shelf. And then when I opened it up, the end papers were beautiful, too.

 But best of all the pages were gilded in silver. And not just on the sides, on the top and bottom, too! Now wouldn't that look cool folded!

So I bought it and then I bought two more. Not exactly the same, but companion pieces if you will.

 And breaking my rule was totally worth it. Here's what they look like now. 


And unexpected bonus--they look really cool when you set them next to each other.

I call them the 1 Corinthians 13 Triptych. It's hard to see in the picture, but the words sparkle ever so slightly in the daylight. Really pretty!

The hardest part about making these was choosing the fonts. I wanted different fonts for each book, and not all fonts work for folding. Fonts need to be fairly simple.

Add to that each book only had 200 pages. (Little known fact to wow your friends. An RDCB almost always has 572 pages.) The number of pages and the length of the word determines how big your font size can be. It took me an evening of adjusting font sizes and counting and recounting pages to make sure the words would fit.

The good news is that there was no cutting involved. Smaller fonts like these can be done with just folds. That made everything go much faster.

So now I need your input. I also bought this book from the same series. It has a letter/mail theme on the cover, very cool endpapers, and shiny, gilded pages. What word shall I fold? Remember the longer the word, the smaller it will be. Four to five letters is ideal. Help me out here!


  1. These are beautiful. So how do you display them, or do you?

    1. Thanks, Michelle!

      So if how means "where," right now these three are just setting on a table in my entryway. But see picture in my earlier post of my attic. That's where most of my "darlings" end up. The Triptych may escape that fate because I think I may donate it to the silent auction at my church's fall festival.

      But if how means "how," right now they look like that semi-circle picture above. It really does make a cool presentation. I think they would also look nice staggered on different shelves in a bookcase.