Monday, August 15, 2016

Things that make you go unhhhhh

You know how I get addicted to things? Right now I'm kinda addicted to markers. I bought a big box of them.

And then I bought another big box of them.

I even downloaded a color chart so I could track all the markers that I have...and now I can buy the ones I'm missing. Because that's what addicts do. Or people with OCD. Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, here's one of the things I've been using them for.

I call them Booktangles, which is a mashup between books and Zentangle. I've been having fun finding pages with just the right words on them. 

Like this one. 

Doesn't this little three line novel just make you want to go unhhhhh? (Is that how do you spell unhhhhh? That sound you make when you just barely moan because it hurts too much to really moan?)

Unrequited love. It'll do that to you.

Here's a brighter one. 

In spirit and in color.

You could put this one on your desk to remind you that your mother was right. You are a genius. 

Booklovers love Booktangles. They make them go unhhhhh. Promise.

Click one and see.



  1. What book is this? Just those quotes make me want to read it...
    Please let us know!!!!!

    1. Hi, A.L.

      I'm not even sure at this point. They came from old Reader's Digest Condensed Books and the title's gone! But I know, the quotes make them intriguing, huh?