Monday, July 28, 2014

Rushing Around

I noticed this weekend that the stores have all their back to school paraphernalia out in the aisles. August and school time are just around the corner, and it seems like only yesterday that school was out--and I mean when I was going to school.
For four years of my school career August meant rush at the sorority house. There was always a lot of singing, silly skits, and smiles and in the end the nerve-wracking wait to see where everyone would end up.
Here I am on bid day way back in the old days. Look how happy and relieved I looked! Look at how I had no wrinkles on my forehead back then! (Don't look at my silly hairdo. I was trying to grow it out.)
Anyway, that day was the beginning of many lifelong friendships and a lot of fun. Part of the fun that my pledge sisters and I had was covering everything we owned with our new Greek letters. We covered paddles and frames and t-shirts and hair ribbons. You name it. We Greek'd it.
Now that I am an old lady, why should it be any different? So here are a few of my Greek letter books I've made recently.

Folded books make great gifts for new pledges. Get yours here.

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