Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reading With Scissors Goes Shopping

You know the best thing about weekends? Estate sales! I am addicted.
This week Captain America and I checked out the sprawling metropolis of Conroe to see what good things they had in store. Look what I got!

A couple of sacks of RDCBs with their shiny gold pages.

Some books that would be great for customizing.

Know a psychologist or psychiatrist who needs their name in this one?

Or how about this one for someone born in 1961?
Speaking of customization, here's a big book I did recently using a Texas A&M Directory of Former Students. I think it was a graduation gift. As I'm writing this, there's one still available on Etsy if you'd like to order a graduation gift yourself. It's not too late.


I found this old Spanish-English dictionary in Conroe, too. The pages are too fragile to fold, but I think it might make a nice vase for some book flowers. It's small, about the size of my palm and I like that it looks well-used.
I also got this sweet desk that is going to become the shipping department at Reading With Scissors. 

Wanna know why Captain America is my hero? Because he spends his Saturdays "driving Miss Daisy" as he calls it...

...and he repairs her new shipping department when it needs it.

<happy sigh>

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  1. What a guy and I feel your pain about estate sales. They are like crack! You never know what you will find. Happy shopping.