Sunday, January 26, 2014

Folding Fun With Mama

My mom and dad came to visit this weekend. Mama said she wanted a book wreath for her door.

Well, you know the old saying, Give a woman a book wreath and she smiles for a day. Teach a woman to fold a book wreath and she smiles forever more.

So I taught my mom how to fold a book wreath.

Here we are earlier this afternoon. I was in charge of trimming the pages and Mama was in charge of folding them.

When we were done we had 70 rolled pages.

Next we Mod Podged the center disk.

And then we got out the hot glue gun and the real fun began. 

Then there was trimming and attaching the center disk and voila!

Just beautiful! (And the wreath's not bad either.)


  1. Yes she is, your mother hasn't changed since I was in high school nearly 20 years ago :-)