Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who is Stealing the RDCBs of Houston?

The good news is my Etsy site has been going crazy recently! I've had more orders this month than ever before. Like books for...


I even got my first corporate gig. More about that at a later date.

But my supply of RDCBs is starting to dwindle, so this week I went into supply acquisition mode. I started at my local library where I picked up these two bags of solid covers. Green anyone? How about purple?

And while I was there I picked up this oversized atlas...

...which has these great maps that I think will be reincarnated into flowers before too long.
And I couldn't pass up this... 

...because......well just because. 
Then today was the neighborhood garage sale and I ran across... 

two boxes of RDCBs with patterned covers, like this golden beauty.

I did confirm, however, that I am the world's worst negotiator. When I saw an elementary dictionary, I asked, "Will you take a dollar for this?"
To which the lady answered, "Well, it's priced at 25 cents, but if you want to give us a dollar, then..."
And then to make me feel a little worse.
"We're all book lovers in this booth so we don't want to keep anyone from getting a good book because they can't afford it."
I think this was the point where I was supposed to confess that I was going to take the scissors to her 25 cent book and reimagine it...

...but I didn't.

But I'm sure she would have understood if I had. I mean look at that beautiful print.

Won't that make some gorgeous flowers?

And in other news, I also scored this great mid-century fondue pot!

Then I made one last stop at the library a little farther from my house. This has been my go-to library for RDCBs since I discovered they had a secret bookcase full of them behind a locked door. They usually have a couple of shelves full of them out front, too.

But today nothing. Nada. Nil.

Someone is taking all the RDCBs in Houston. This is war.


  1. I can tell that you're excited about the new acquisitions, but I can't wait for an update on the fondue pot.
    P.S. I have a used car for sale, would you make an offer?